Hard Flooring Maintenance & Restoration

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We can provide professional cleaning, restoration and maintenance for hard Floors including Wood, Vinyl, Stone, Marble and Concrete

Wood Floor Maintenance

Our floor maintenance system is suited for cleaning, sanding, scrubbing and polishing wood floors or decking.

The Machine’s driver head is free floating meaning you can live stress free without ever worrying about swirl marks and gouges that other traditional machines can leave behind. The Machine’s orbital actions allow for perfection and ease when it comes to maintaining wood floors fast and effectively.

  • ALL SURFACE Cleaning Maintenance & Restoration

  • WOOD Floor Maintenance

  • CARPET Care

  • STONE Floor Restoration

  • VINYL Floor cleaning and Restoration

  • MARBLE Floor Maintenance and Restoration

  • CONCRETE Grinding and Restoration

  • TILE and GROUT Cleaning & Restoration

Stone Floor Restoration​

This is a water only process to grind, hone and polish stone floors starting from a gloss level of 0 to 100 plus! There are no polishing powders, densifiers, or other chemicals needed for this!

Our new redesigned StoneFlash pads are part of a six step system and is used for grinding, honing, and polishing Marble, terrazzo, travertine, limestone, and many more! Our System can take on any floor and StoneFlash pads make stone floor restoration jobs even easier.

 Vinyl Floor Maintenance Made Easy

Stripping and maintaining VCT and vinyl floors has never been easier and more environmentally safe until now! Here at Click Clean, our System has a unique orbital action making it possible to strip wax with very little water.

You can help conserve water and avoid the use of harsh chemicals that can damage the environment and also your health and the health of others because the machining driver head is free floating. Live stress free without ever worrying about swirl marks and gouges that other traditional machines leave behind.

Because our system is unique in design, we can forget about the use of a skirt as our system will not spit and fling wax and grime onto baseboards, walls, and furniture.

Great Tile & Grout

When it comes to scrubbing and cleaning concrete surfaces such as school hallways, patios, and other types of high traffic concrete flooring, our machine performs perfectly.

This eliminates having to use harsh chemicals and vast amounts of water to remove the heavy soil that has settled deep down in the concrete pores and crevices.

We simply mount the scrub brush with the weight kit, and you will witness the orbital action pick and lift away the grease and grime in a matter of seconds with ease!

 Great Looking Epoxy Floors

The engineering and design behind our machine means that the SuperZorb Pads and weight kit clean will scrub quickly and effectively without the use of excessive water or harsh chemicals on your floors.

The machine generates thousands of miniature orbits that scrub together with the brush. If you can imagine a giant orbiting toothbrush that is soft enough that it will not scratch the floors yet effective enough to scrub away grease and grime from the pores and crevices found in epoxy flooring, then that’s our machine.

With the adding of the weight kit to the orbital action of the machine, the bristles are then pushed down into these pores and crevices lifting away the dirt and grime immediately and effectively.

Rubber Matting, Urethane and Other Soft To Medium-Hard Floor Surfaces

Urethane, rubber matting and other soft to medium-hard floor surfaces found in outdoor hotel hallways, garages, gymnasiums are interesting enough to clean as most traditional machines dispense too much water and are unfortunately aggressive and destructive to these types of floors.

Because the machine’s unique engineering generates thousands of miniature orbits, this means very little use water is required. The fast orbital action together using the weight kit, scrub brush, SuperZorb Pads and/or AgiClean Pads break down dirt and grime instantly allowing little water to be used therefore the floors are left clean and dry within minutes!

Having a listed building meant we would have certain flooring which would need particular care and attention. Click Clean were there to offer advice and help and then proceed with the work on our wooden floor in particular which needed a spruce up. They explained what each machine would do and the fact that they would not damage the floors in any way was a must. Thank you for all your time and advice and for making the floors shine like they do!
Kimberly - Saffron Walden

Click Clean can provide many different services for hard flooring including maintaining them and restoring them when needed.

Our high powered machines offer a great clean without damaging the floors.